Sunday, December 30, 2018


5. Creando una red de colaboradores de diferentes disciplinas a quien recomendar cuando un cliente necesite otros servicios que tú no ofreces.
6. Contratando a un equipo multidisciplinar real a tu cargo cuando el negocio empiece a crecer.

La gran diferencia con lo que NO recomiendo es que al tener estandarizado tu servicio lo dominas de principio a fin y no dependes de terceros para llevarlo a cabo, sino que delegas partes más mecánicas para que te ocupen menos tiempo y puedas abarcar más proyectos.

¿Por qué recomiendo estandarizar tus servicios, externalizar partes de éstos y crear una red de colaboradores freelance a quien recomendar?

● Creando servicios paquetizados que dominas podrás externalizar parte o todo el proceso de tu servicio paquetizado para asumir más proyectos y si te falla un colaborador tendrás la capacidad de hacerlo tú.
● Controlas lo que ofreces en tu servicio y también el flujo de trabajo y proceso creativo .
● En trabajos creativos puedes encargarte de desarrollar las ideas y que la parte más operativa la haga un colaborador por un precio prefijado.
● En trabajos técnicos puedes delegar determinados procesos o todo el proceso a un colaborador cuando tienes picos de trabajo.
● Recomendando a otros profesionales para completar fases del proyecto que tú no ofreces (copys, fotógrafos, mantenimiento técnico, community manager, programador, consultor de marketing…) te permitirá ayudar a tus clientes recomendando a profesionales de confianza y tus colegas te lo agradecerán y te recomendarán también a sus clientes.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

A Note About Nsfwsteemit Is A Community Where Just About Anything Goes


A note about NSFW

Steemit is a community where just about anything goes. By default NSFW (Not Safe For Work, often nude photos) posts will be hidden, and you can view them by clicking. I personally prefer to not see these posts in my timeline at all – I am working after all. You can disable NSFW content entirely under Settings > Private Post Display Settings, and set the drop-down to “Always hide.”

Post articles according to tags

Content on Steemit is organized by tags (which really means topics). Since the main timeline is crowded with a variety of topics, many users will look for content on a particular tag, similar to how Reddit users hang out in a particular subreddit.

You can see a listing of exactly how many posts have been issued to the top tags, and exactly how much STEEM has been earned on said tags

You’ll also see the most popular tags on the left-hand side of the Steemit home page. At the time of this writing, the most popular tags are: life, photography, and steemit. Naturally, this model causes a bias toward STEEM and other cryptocurrency-related content, but there is plenty of STEEM being earned in other topics.

Saturday, December 22, 2018


Some define database more professionally not just a collection of data

Database Fundamentals

There are many ways on how to define or describe what a database is. In simple terms, it can be defined as a collection of items that can exist over a long period of time. Think of a calling card holder as a database that contains business cards with different information of people that you know (e.g. person’s name, job title, company name, contact number). Another one is a printed telephone directory (more popularly known as the yellow pages) that contains the name, phone number and address of the registered residents living in a particular area.

Some define database more professionally, not just a collection of data. It is described as an organized tool capable of keeping data or information that you can retrieve in an effective and efficient way when the need arises. It can also be more strictly defined as a self-describing collection of objects that are integrated to one another. When you create representations of these physical or conceptual objects then they will be called records. From the previous example of your calling card holder, if you wish to keep track of your business contacts then you have to assign each business card a specific record. Every record contains multiple information or data, such as individual name, job title, company name and address, phone number and more that you will now call the record’s attributes.

Sunday, December 16, 2018


  1. That it’s too late to get engaged in affiliate marketing. It’s never too late.

  1. That you need a lot of money to get started. Nope, you can even start without spending a single penny. However, it’ll take longer to gain scale your business.

Potentially Helpful Resources

If Affiliate Marketing as a business model interest you, then you may find the below articles helpful

  • How to control how visitors behavior on your web page
  • How to establish trust with your target demographic
  • Million dollar marketing on a budget
  • How to help your content “Go Viral”
  • Anatomy of a good advertisement

Inspiration #8

"Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning."

Robert Kiyosaki

Business #8


The business model for dropshipping is quite simple. You set up a business website where you list down products for sale. However, these products are actually not your products although you make it look like they are yours. You have made a deal with a product manufacturer or supplier that they will ship the products to the customers who buy from your website. That means you are not holding the inventory for the products. You just have them listed on your website. Below is a quick overview of how dropshipping works:

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

You Will Notice That The CustomerVw View Is Already Deleted From The Views List


  1. Click the option, empty QUERY tab and then type the following lines of code:

DROP VIEW Customer_VW;

  1. Click the EXECUTE QUERY button on top of the QUERY tab. You will notice that the Customer_VW view is already deleted from the Views list.

In this chapter you have learnt the definition and importance of database views in SQL. You have also performed common operations in manipulating views, such as creating and dropping them. In the next chapter you will learn more in-depth concepts in designing databases in SQL – primary and foreign keys, indexes and normalized databases.

Chapter Ten: Enhancing Database Designs

In this chapter you will gain more in-depth knowledge on enhancing database designs with the use of primary and foreign keys, indexes and normalization techniques. Having a better understanding of designing databases will provide the software application you are using an edge by performing queries more effectively and maintaining data integrity at all times.

Assigning Primary and Foreign Keys

It is one of the best practices to assign a primary key when you define a database table. In a relational database, the primary key is a special field or combination of fields that make each record in the table unique. Since the presence of the primary key does not permit the duplication of values on the column to which it was assigned, then data integrity is guaranteed. Also, fields that are designated as primary keys cannot contain null values. Defining a primary key, whether it is explicit or implied, occurs during table creation. Normally, the tables with primary keys are regarded as parent tables, meaning these tables provide information to another table or what is termed as the child table. Consequently, child tables are dependent on the parent table.


  1. Stakeholder requirement- the needs of the stakeholders influence the communication method which is to be used. The stakeholders may need frequent communication which makes them use a certain method of communication. The level of confidentiality which is needed by the stakeholders will also influence the choice of communication method. The level of report detail also influences this.

Communication Triggers

The following are some of the triggers to communication in project management:

  1. Audits- the need to pass auditing information to the stakeholders may cause the need for communication. This can be on a regular or periodic basis. The stakeholder, the project manager, and the sponsor may be involved in this communication.

  1. Project planning- the need to identify challenges and plan for them before they occur. The project manager and the project champion are involved.

  1. Project change- the audience in this can include the project manager, the sponsor, and the stakeholders. The communication can happen anytime during the execution of the project. The aim is to keep the project’s constraints according to what was agreed.

  1. Risk register updates- the audience for this communication includes the project manager, project scheduler, and project coordinator. It happens during the planning and execution phases. The risks are quantified so that appropriate actions may be taken.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

DonT Be Afraid To Download Them Directly To Your Device

If you buy both the eBook and audio versions of a book from Amazon, Amazon’s Whispersync service is smart enough to realize that the two are connected. It will coordinate them for you. For example, if you’re reading the eBook version of your book and want to switch over to the audiobook, your Kindle Fire HD will pick up at the point in the audiobook that matches the point where you left off in your eBook.

Immersion Reading

Some titles allow you to engage in immersion reading. You can have the audio version of the book playing on the device while you read the eBook version. A highlight follows the text as it is being read. This is a great way to get more of an understanding of a book and, of course, it’s an educational tool with incredible potential!

Books started out as a bookstore and it still excels in that regard. You’ll find plenty of eBooks to choose from among their offerings and, best of all, some of them are completely free!

The Books section of your library allows you to shop for books and to download them to your device. Anything you buy from Amazon will be automatically stored on your Amazon Cloud drive. Don’t be afraid to download them directly to your device. Your Amazon Kindle Fire HD can hold literally thousands of titles without taking up much of your storage space at all!